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CNG Gas Dryer Engineering Design & Tech support for Air Dryers

Complete solutions and technical support for:
CNG and AIR Dryers

NGV Gas Dryers

Offenbar Energy Inc. is an organization dedicated to the design and technical support of CNG dryer systems intended for use in the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry. We can provide expert advice based on our extensive process and design knowledge.


Compressed Air Dryers

The team at Offenbar Energy Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in the design and technical support of Xebec Air dryer systems, from the most basic PSA dryer to the more complex external heated, blower purge and high pressure series.


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1. Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a professional service to our clients.
When your situation requires results our team is there to deliver them.
We are able to provide cost sensitive solutions for new design as well site-plant maintenance.


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2. Dependable

Offenbar has built a reputation on being fast, creative, and efficient.
Our team has earned the trust of many industry leading corporations and continues to provide outstanding support.


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3. Looking Forward

Offenbar is ready to meet the challenges facing the industry.
Product innovation will play a key role in our companies growth for 2017.
We look forward to helping your organization realize success and overcome challenges.


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