Offenbar-Energy Parts

  • Angle Seat Valve

    high performance angle seat valves bronze or stainless spring to close / open replacement actuator assemblies for Old Style valves Angle Seat valves for Xebec, Domnick Hunter, Sullair dryers
  • Three Port Valve

    3 port threaded valves for dryers Flanged connection inlet valves New style 3 port valves in bronze and stainless valves stocked in sizes 1/2 to 1-1/2Highly reliable, long life cycle and easy to service
  • Domnick Hunter

    OIL X Evolution housings and elements Elements for DH welded filter assemblies replacement parts for the Classic as well MIDI series dryers
  • Filter Drains

    Programmable Electronic Filter Drains Float type drains used on cast filter housings
  • Filter Elements

    replacement elements for Zander, DH, PALL-PPC, ULTRAFILTER, HANKINSON, XEBEC Sub-Micron, Particle capture, Pre-Coalescing of all micron efficiencies
  • Filter Housings

    Cast housings with CRN numbers proven in the market Dryer Inlet-Prefilters or Dryer outlet Dust filters from 1/4 Accessories include DPI Gauges, autodrains or manual vent valves Corrosion resistant housings from a choice of manufacturers
  • Sensors

    Replacement dewpoint sensors for dryers Replacement sensors for competitor dryers Fast deliveries, competitive pricing, Certificate of calibration provided Sensors for Hazardous location installations Exchange sensors for Dominic Hunter, Ingersoll Rand, Xebec
  • Valve Service Kit

    Service set for 3 port inlet valves Service set: Angle seat valves / actuators Service set: Valve seats with body gaskets Service set: Soft seals or Major Overhaul Service kit for 3 port flanged valve
  • Mufflers

    A full range of mufflers sizes 1/4 to 3 internal relief type or Metal case high pressure
  • Zander Dryer Parts

    outlet check valve assemblies manifold sub-assemblies and service parts Inlet manifold soft seals, solenoids and sections
  • Competitor Dryer Parts

    parts for most CNG-NGV Gas Dryers from 1990 onward Desiccants, Tandem Valves, Z-Purge components etc
  • Panel Upgrades

    replacement panel assemblies for competitor Dryers